Sunday, December 23, 2012

New Blog

So, For now we will be moving blogs. We filled up all the space on this blog and so if you would like to keep up with what we are doing our new blog address is .

Saturday, November 10, 2012

Goodbye to 2 great friends

When I first started dating Rich he told me that he loved someone else and it would take a lot of work to get him to love me MORE! I accepted this and we kept dating. Luckily I won that battle (which i was pretty proud of) but for the last 4 years rich's second love has still been a part of our lives. 


Just look at the smile on that face! Isn't he so cute. I guess thats why I didn't think he was crazy when he told me he loved his jeep so much on our first date! I guess I already kind of knew this before we started dating anyways. This picture was taken on our second date. 

She was Rich's dream Jeep. You may think im crazy but I had to make a post to say goodbye to her. We sold her recently and she was a part of our family that will really be missed. I am proud of my amazing husband. I knew I would never pressure him to get rid of Rachelle but we ended up saying goodbye. Someday we will get him another Rachelle, even though I know no one can replace her. :) 

We also said goodbye to our scooter last wended, This one was unwillingly but also very sad. Someone  decided they needed it more than we did and walked off with it. Very sad since This is how Rich got to and from school everyday. Hopefully the police will find it but until then he will be a part of our goodbyes. 

In other news Rich has been working very hard the last couple weeks and has a LOT, LOT, LOT to get done in the next 2 weeks before thanksgiving. Good luck! 

While claire is just getting over being sick, and has been talking more everyday. I can't believe she will be 2 next month! Scott is trying to figure out how to crawl and gets closer and closer! I've been having fun helping Daniel and Becca with some things and thinking about folding clothes. :) 

Sunday, October 28, 2012

A GREAT Halloween Week

I know its not halloween yet, but for us we already had our halloween party. Its been such a FUN week! It really feels like fall and I am actually kind of enjoying the rain (for the moment). I think one reason why I love the rain lately is because claire loves playing in the puddles so much and standing in the rain... She giggles when she gets wet. Its so cute! Some friends gave us these rubber boots and she wears them ALL the time now! 

She is so cute!

Scotts getting close to crawling... He doesn't have it yet but he is sooo close. 

 On tuesdays we watch Johnny. Its so fun. These 2 are so cute together. They play so well together. They shut themselves in claire's room and play and if I try and go in to check on them claire says "no mom!" and shuts the door. ohh boy!

We've been trying to do fun things. This week we played with a bowl of dried beans and measuring cups!

This week we had a halloween party with some friends. It was a lot of fun. The kids were pirates.

This is claire saying "aaarrrgggg."

Here is our little pirate. I think he fits the role very well! 

For the party I made a this pumpkin cheesecake with praline topping. Yummy! I will be making this again. 

We also went to the pumpkin patch. It was fun. We just got a couple little pumpkins this year.

Im not a big fan of carving pumpkins and didn't feel like the mess so we colored the pumpkins this year! It was so much fun. Claire loved it more than i thought she would.

The week ended with the best day ever. 

We had a yummy breakfast as a family. 

We went to the duck game together. Which ended up being a BLAST. Claire had so much fun. She yelled "go ducky" and ran around the whole time. She was so cute and even the camera man came over and got some video of her. She was so cute waving at the camera man. Claire even got to see the ducky himself! The highlight of her day. 

Cheering for the "ducky ooootballll".  

After the game we had an awesome lunch. Including yummy frosty's! the kids took AWESOME naps! (like i woke claire up from her nap at 6pm) WOW! 

That night we had a movie party night and watched the Lorax on the couch cushions on the living room floor and Made chocolate chip cookies... Which scott really enjoyed!

Then claire went to bed and we changed Scotts contact! (the first time we have gotten it out without a doctors help!) 

And the night ended with us finding our TV remote which has been lost for a year! What a great day. Thanks rich! 

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

2 little cuties

These 2 kids are just so cute! Claire does more with scott every day. I love it! They are best buds already!

I have to say these 2 are pretty cute too. We watched chase last week. 

We drove to my parents to watch conference. It was a lot of fun. Claire had a blast with all the people to play with too! In between sessions we skyped rich's parents! I loved all the talks and the wonderful family time. 

The kids played on the trampoline with grandma! 

She is so much fun!

Scott is now 6 months old! Scott is 15 pounds 11 ounces. He is ALL muscle. WOW, where has time gone? He is so much fun, and growing up every single day. He has the best smile in the world and can cheer up anyone. He laughs a LOT. He just got over a bad cold, ear infection, and 6 month shots. Hopefully that means more sleep for the both of us now. I love our pediatrician, she is so helpful and we are hoping that by the end of the week this boy will be sleeping more that 2 hour stretches!  If not the doctor gave me permission to call and cry on her shoulder. (which i might take her up on! Scott is very stubborn!)

Scott is very strong. I have a feeling he will be crawling soon. He can move around some and he has been sitting like a pro for almost a month now! I love this stage. He sits on the floor and plays with toys and watches claire for hours. Its so cute. He is also a pro at eating! Anything you hand him he will down. Baby food and crackers, cheerios and peaches.

Claire is so grown up and she knows it! She is 22 months old. We took the side of off her crib this week and she is doing pretty good with the change. She loves being able to get out of bed by herself in the morning. She does get up in the middle of the night every once in a while but goes right back down if you ask her if she is a big girl. She loves movies, dancing, playing with friends, nursery and coloring. Sacrement meeting has been a pain lately because she know that church means nursery. Her favorite snack is cheese and pepperoni.

Rich has been such a good help lately! I am so lucky! I love that man. He has a big midterm coming up next week so he has a lot of studying to do, along with another job interview for the summer! Exciting! 

This week I worked on a project for H & R Block and helping with a baby shower for my friend Alison who is having twins. It was a lot of fun. I made 2 cakes. A "Boy" chocolate cake with cream cheese mint frosting. (this was Alison's favorite) 

And a "Girl" chocolate cake with fresh raspberry swiss meringue buttercream. YUM! (this was my favorite) 

Here is Alison. Poor girl has a little over a month left! She is amazing!

Monday, October 1, 2012

Another Busy Week

Its been another busy week in the Butler house. Full of laughs, fun, cake, learning, sickness, tears and all that other stuff. 

Before claire got sick last week she was doing really awesome in the potty training department. One day she just started using her toilet and was doing awesome till she got sick and then that all disappeared! This week claire has started talking soooo much more than we are used to. She will repeat almost anything back at you now. Its fun. One of her new favorite words is hungry! 

I caught claire stashing macaroni and cheese inside of scott's bumbo the other day, and i wonder why i can't keep up with the cleaning! crazy girl!

Last week the kids came down with a cold and were nice enough to share it. Both kids have been having a hard time. Hopefully scott will feel better soon and start sleeping better. Most of us are over it but poor rich is starting to feel it coming on now! 

During the week we watched Faye for a little while her mom was in the hospital recovering from a c-section. We can't wait to meet baby Adam! 

The kids enjoyed some daddy time. I LOVE claire's smile! 

Poor girl having a hard day!

Scott is so cute! I love this little man so much! Here he is playing with mashed potatoes during dinner. Sadly he doesn't like the taste but they were sure exciting to play with! 

At the end of the week I played cake lady again... One of my projects was a dinosaur cake for a friends son's 6th birthday. She came over to help and it was a lot of fun. I also made her son a Dinosaur egg cupcake. Using this idea I found here. but used an awesome (big) goose egg that i painted spots on to make look like a real dino egg. He LOVED IT!

Of course we had to eat the egg first. This is ONE egg! it was enough for all of us. Awesome. and tasted just like a chicken egg. 

Here is a hippie eugene breakfast... Goose egg, Turkey bacon, ovaltine and hash browns. Yum. Its fun to try something new. 

Here is the dino egg after it was cracked with the cake in the middle. Sadly i didn't get a picture of it before I gave it to Mason. 

The kids enjoyed helping with the cakes! I love this smile!

Here is Mason's Dinosaur cake! Complete with smoking volcano. (Picture of that to come.) The volcano had a cup in the middle so that we could put dry ice in it and make it smoke! Mason loved it!

I also made Stella's first Birthday cake! It was so much fun. What kid doesn't love sprinkles?! I love making first birthday cakes. I have a 4 inch, 3 inch and 2 inch cake pan. It makes a cute little cake!

Happy birthday stella! 

 Well its a new week and lots to do. Rich has school and a job interview, I have a work project and 5 loads of laundry to fold and the kids have lots of energy! Here we go.....